Executive Search

Partner with proven executive leadership. At TAG we understand power semiconductor markets. We have developed methods and processes that yield quick and accurate results. Having had thousands of conversations with potential hires, we understand the main factors that drive change in the career marketplace. Clients and Candidates alike rate TAG as the best search firm in this industry.

Technical Search

Searching for the future of your company is no easy task. Especially in highly specialized technical fields. Partnering with a firm that understand not only the marketplace, but can accurately assess the technical expertise of its candidates, providing the client with with best technical fit, every time. Our team includes top engineers from the power semiconductor industry, with specific experience leading global engineering teams developing state-of-the-art technologies.

Semiconductor Design

TAG has teamed with the semiconductor design experts of SandChip to support strategic business development and execution of SandChip design projects. SandChip is specialized in adapting or upgrading old analog designs into new processes needed for manufacturing. Areas of expertise include: PLL, SerDes, ADC, and Oscillators designs.. We work closely with each client to ensure time lines are met while budgets are kept.
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