Power Electronics

There are search firms out there that truly understand the basis of this industry, and the incredible potential for its future. This technology is at the heart of today’s GREEN REVOLUTION, and will become the foundation for tomorrow’s future technologies. The rapidly evolving world of semiconductors and communications will play a key part in the maturation of this industry. As these supporting industries grow, IGBTs will be able to hold more power, switch much faster, and manipulate electrons in ways not heard of. Our team is passionate about this industry, and our excitement flows through into every aspect of our work, and our candidates. TAG is excited to support the forefront of this revolution.


TAG has experience that runs deep into the heart of this industry. Our team has worked and played on both sides of the recruiting & corporate divide. At TAG we understand the inner workings of this industry and know the players personally. We pride ourselves in representing the best in the business. Having a recruiting partner that truly understands device engineering and semiconductor processes is critical when it comes to growing your business when it counts. At TAG our team was born in this industry.

Electric Vehicle

As the world’s leading automotive manufacturers begin to migrate into the electric vehicle market, the need for strong power electronics engineers is multiplied ten fold. EV production includes a host of engineering feats that involve power electronic; including the inverter, drive train, traction control, starter-generators for hybrid systems, power steering, electric brakes and complete pedal to wheel systems. By learning the technology, our recruiters can understand the system as a whole, which becomes your advantage in finding the right talent to lead your development.

Wind & Solar

Many of the technologies that make solar possible are intertwined together; between thin film deposition, fabrication, power electronics, power systems & FACTS devices. Understanding how these technologies work as a whole, and individually is a key reason why our team has an advantage over its competition. You need to be able to understand these aspects to be able to quickly hone in on the best candidate for the role. Our recruiters are continually trained by industry professionals in workshops that cover these topics, technologies, and more.
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