TAG began in December of 2004, with a focus on large-scale international development projects, particularly related to energy, power, and water resources. As our relationships grew, we gained insight into corporate needs and learned the many frustrations that HR Managers face from the staffing industry. Over these past years, our principals have sat directly within the companies that built these industries, acting as HR Managers and Recruiting Supervisors; personally fielding the hundreds of calls received from agencies and headhunters. Listening to all the promises of immediate results and perfect candidates… only to deliver sub par candidates; often in the wrong technology sector.

These experiences have led TAG down a path of sincere introspection. How can we deliver the best service and the best candidates to our clients? How can we create sustainable pipelines that offer higher value, and less frustration? Our team looks at the big picture, and is known for implementing sound strategic planning and exceptional project execution. In fact, the results of our work have received recognition from President Barak Obama on several occasions.

Our recruiters have undergone extensive industry training within the areas they recruit for. Each TAG recruiter is trained beyond the traditional methods of basic Internet recruiting. They are trained not only in novel headhunting methodology, but more importantly, they are taught the industry they recruit for; and taught by top technical professionals from each market. Top Engineers & Scientists from some of the worlds most successful companies. The knowledge and expertise of the industry’s best is passed along to our teams, and directly impacts our results. Partnering with TAG means working with a team that knows your industry and understands your technology.

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